Dr. Karl 'Silverfinger'


Name: Dr. Karl ‘Silverfinger’
Wounds: 11
Fate: 2
Carry/Lift/Push: 36/72/144
Half/Full/Charge/Run: 4/8/12/24
Insanity Points: 1
Corruption: 0
Class: Medic

Weapon Skill 30 (base: 30)
Ballistic Skill 43 (base: 43)
Strength 30 (base: 30)
Toughness 30 (base: 30)
Agility 43 (base: 43)
Intelligence 65 (base: 40, +20 Advances, +5 MS)
Perception 30 (base: 30)
Willpower 31 (base: 31)
Fellowship 20 (base: 20)

Ballistic Skill

Dodge +10
Medicae +30
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry)
Trade (Chymist)
Common Lore (Tech)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Stellar)
Operate (Aeronautica)

Don’t You Die on Me!
Cold Hearted
Nerves of Steel
Weapon Training (Las)
Weapon Training (Low-Tech)
Combat Master
Resistance (Fear)
Master Chirugeon
Methodical Care
Blessings of the Genetor
Medicae Auxilia
SwIft Suture
Field Treatment
It’s Not as Bad as all That….
RapId InterventIon

Whenever a void born character spends a Fate Point, he rolls 1d10.
On 9 or 10, the Fate Point does not count as being spent, yet the benefit is gained.
Void born characters suffer a -10 penalty to Interaction Tests
made to interact with characters who are not also void born.

Void Accustomed:
Void born characters do not treat zero gravity as Difficult Terrain.
Agility Tests to stay on-target when making a Charge of Run Action in zero gravity is only Difficult (-10).

Additional +10 bonus to all Ballistic Skill Tests made at Point-Blank Range.

The Few
When a Squad from this regiment requests reinforcements (to replace fallen Comrades),
it must make a Hard (-20) Logistics Test if most of the regiment is actively deployed,
or an Ordinary Test (+10) Logistics Test is a significant portion of the regiment
is not currently in the field. If it fails, the regiment simply has no reinforcements
it can spare for the Squad, and its members must soldier on until the Squad can
put in another request for troop support.

Standard Kit:
One Good Craftsmanship las gun and four charge packs
One vox-caster per Squad
One suit of Good Craftsmanship Imperial Flak armour per Player
Three frag grenades
Two krak grenades
One Good Craftsmanship mono knife per Player Character
One Good Craftsmanship suit of light carapace armour per Player Character
One uniform
One Good Craftsmanship laspistol (Main Weapon), and two charge packs
One rucksack or sling bag
One mess kit and one water canteen
One blanket and one sleep bag
One rechargeable lamp pack
One grooming kit
One set of Rosenkrantz Identifier tags
One primer or instructional handbook
Combat sustenance rations, two weeks’ supply (+2 as well)
One Good Craftsmanship Respirator
One Good Craftsmanship Auxiliary Grenade Launcher

1 Diagnostor
1 injector
1 medikit

1 Narthecium
autopistol and 2 clips
injector with detox

Future for class
Diagnosticator, injector,
medikit, 4 feld sutures.

Starting: 600
Party: 5,250
Total: 5,850
Spend: 5,850
Remaining: 0

Medicae +10 200xp
Medicae +20 300xp
Medicae +30 400xp
Intelligence +5 100xp
Intelligence +5 250xp
Intelligence +5 500xp
Blessings of the Genetor 200xp
Medicae Auxilia 250 xp
SwIft Suture 200 xp
Master Chirugeon 400xp
Methodical Care 300xp
Don’t You Die on Me! 400xp
Field Treatment 300xp
Intelligence +5 750xp
It’s Not as Bad as all That…. 600xp
RapId InterventIon 300xp
Dodge +10 400xp


Ornate Craftsmanship: Elaborate engravings and embellishments adorn every plate and motor on the servitor, demonstrating an unusual flair on the part of its creator. They may be etchings of the dogma of the Cult Mechanicus, or icons of victory and Imperial power to impress the soldiers serving in its presence. Its master must devote much of his maintenance time to preserving the careful artistry of these adornments unblemished, or risk angering the machine spirits housed within.

Dr. Karl 'Silverfinger'

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