Hayden Bolton

Captain of Aquila Brethren Mercenary Company


Commander of the Aquila Brethren Mercenary Company, holder of its Pacto Militis, granting him the right to raise and train professional soldiers for the strict purposes of waging war for profit. The mercenary band is composed by 120 total mercenaries, 50 of which are long-serving veterans (with gear to match), and the other 70 being recently signed in to Bolton’s Company, sporting whatever gear they can personally provide for themselves.

Bolton and his Brethren Company have an outstanding record of strict adherence to the Militus Lex Legis, going so far as to take initiative to destroy a mercenary band which had violated Provision X of the pact. Ever in compliance with the terms of the Mercenary Code, his reputation soon drew him under the lucrative employ of the Florestal Consortium, with the height of his service being rewarded by a long-term contract as a key figure in Port Florestal’s security.

Following the fall of Lord Temerin, and the Consortium’s restructuring under Rosenkrantz oversight, Bolton entered into a Contract with Lady Lucrezia Gilliam, with open-ended terms of service, the specifics of which were largely grandfathered in from the Florestal Contract once in effect. The Contract under Lady Lucrezia has already proven lucrative, as the noblewoman has dug into her own purse (or perhaps simply the Dynastic coffers) to provide for the Company’s gear and weapons of war; something rare enough to ingratiate the mercenaries with their patron.


Hayden Bolton

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