Joe Biggs


Name: Joe Biggs “Big Joe”
Personal Demeanor:
Specialty: Sergeant Commander
Age: 32

Total XP: 6150
Starting XP: 600
Party XP: 5550
Personal XP: 0
Spent: 5850
Remaining: 300

Weapon Skill (WS): 43 (Base 30, +3 Regiment, +5 Simple, +5 Intermediate)
Ballistic Skill (BS): 30 (Base 30, )
Strength (S): 35 (Base 30, +5 Simple, )
Toughness (T): 38 (Base 30, +3 Regiment, +5 Simple )
Agility (Ag): 38 (Base 30, +3 Regiment, +5 Simple )
Intelligence (Int): 30 (Base 30, )
Perception (Per): 30 (Base 30, )
Willpower (WP): 33 (Base 30, +3 Regiment)
Fellowship (Fel): 55 (Base 40, +5 Character Bonus, +5 Simple, +5 Intermediate)

Logistics Rating:

Armor: (Light Carapace)
Head AP: 5
Body AP: 5
Arms AP: 5
Legs AP: 5

Wounds: 14/14
Fate Points: 3/3
Corruption Points: 0
Insanity Points: 0
Disorders: None
Malignancies: None
Movement: 3/6/9/18
Initiative Bonus: 3
Strength Bonus: 3
Toughness Bonus: 3
Carrying Capacity (6):Carry 36kg, Lift 72kg, Push 144kg

Weapon Skill

Command +20
Common Lore (Tech)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Stellar, Surface)
Operate (Aeronautica)
Parry +20
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)

Air of Authority
Combat Formation
Double Team
Iron Discipline
Nerves of Steel
Weapon Training (Chain, Launcher, SP)


Charmed: Whenever a void born character spends a Fate Point, he rolls 1d10. On 9 or 10, the Fate Point does not count as being spent, yet the benefit is gained.

Ill-Omened: Void born characters suffer a -10 penalty to Interaction Tests made to interact with characters who are not also void born.

Void Accustomed: Void born characters do not treat zero gravity as Difficult Terrain. Agility Tests to stay on-target when making a Charge of Run Action in zero gravity is only Difficult (-10).

Special: * Additional +10 bonus to all Ballistic Skill Tests made at Point-Blank Range.

Wounds: Void born characters begin play with -1 Starting Wound

Standard Weapons:
Chainsword (Good) (Custom Grip 5 WS)
Class Melee
Range –
Damage 1d10
2 R
Pen 2
Special Tearing Balanced
Wt. 6kg
Availability Average

Combat Shotgun (Good) (Quick Release Half Rld Reduce) (Motion Predictor 10 BS during Semi-Auto)
Class Basic
Range 30m
RoF S/3/-
Dam 1d10
4 I
Pen 0
Clip 18/18
Rld Full
Special Scatter
Attachments Auxiliary Grenade Launcher (Basic; 45m; S/–/–; Damage As Grenade; Pen As Grenade; Clip 1; Reload Full) 1/4
Wt. 6.5 kg
Availability Scarce
6/6 (92/108)

Hunter Killer Missile Launcher
Class Launcher
Range 350m
RoF S/-/-
Dam 3d10+6 X
Pen 6
Clip 1/1
Rld 2Full
Special 35
Wt. kg
Availability Very Rare
2/2 Missiles

Las Pistol (Good)
Class Pistol
Range 30m
RoF S/2/-
Dam 1d10+2
Pen 0
Clip 22/30
Rld Half
Special Reliable
Wt. 1.5 kg
Availability Common
3/3 Clips

Class Pistol
Range 30m
RoF S/-/6
Dam 1d10+2
Pen 0
Clip 18/18
Rld Full
Wt. 1.5 kg
Availability Average
2/2 Clips

Frag Grenades
Class Thrown
Range SBx3
RoF S/-/-
Dam 2d10+4 X
Pen 0
Clip 1
Special Blast (3), Ogryn-Proof
Wt. 0.5 kg
Availability Common
3/4 Grenades

Krak Grenades
Class Thrown
Range SBx3
RoF S/-/-
Dam 2d10+4 X
Pen 6
Clip 1
Special Concussive (0)
Wt. 0.5 kg
Availability Rare
3/3 Grenades

Standard Issue Combat Knife (Mono)
Class Melee/Thrown
Range 5m
Dam 1d5 R
Pen 2
Special -
Wt. 1 kg
Availability Plentiful

Standard Equipment:
Light Carapace
9-70 Entrenching Tool
Annointed Tool Kit
Clip Harness
Survival Suit

Special Equipment:
Multi-Compass (+10 to Survival and Navigate (Surface))
Laud Hailer

Joe Larkin “Little Joe”

Comrade Abilities:
Type: Passive
Effect: The Sergeant is accompanied by a Vox-Tech who can relay orders out to his men over the din of battle. As long
as his Comrade is in Cohesion with him, all of the Sergeant’s orders affect all Comrades within vox range.
Type: Sweeping Order (Free Action)
Effect: All Comrades in communications range fire wildly at the enemy, keeping them pinned down and protecting their fellows
from retaliation. For the next Round, all Player Characters with their Comrade in Cohesion gain a 10 to all Dodge Tests.
Type: Sweeping Order (Free Action)
Cost: 200 xp
Effect: As part of this order, the Sergeant must make a Challenging (
0) Command Test. If he succeeds, all Comrades
in communications range become inspired by the Sergeant’s fervour, charging into battle with a renewed zeal. For the
next Round, when performing the Ranged Volley or Close Quarters Orders, the Comrades grant their controlling Player
Character an additional 4 Damage to the affected Melee or Ranged Attack.
Type: Sweeping Order (Free Action)
Effect: As part of this order, the Sergeant must make a Challenging (
0) Intimidate or Command Test. If he succeeds,
all Comrades in communication range end any ongoing Fear or Pinning effects. They may act normally in subsequent Turns.

Experience Advances:
Air of Authority (200xp)
Vox-Tech (250xp)
Covering Fire (200xp)
Get Them! (200xp)
Snap Out of It! (200xp)
Weapon Skill – Simple (250xp)
Weapon Skill – Intermediate (500xp)
Fellowship – Simple (250xp)
Fellowship – Intermediate (500xp)
Parry (100xp)
Parry +10 (200xp)
Parry +20 (300xp)
Command +10 (200xp)
Command +20 (300xp)
Navigate (Surface) (300xp)
Strength – Simple (250xp)
Agility – Simple (250xp)
Toughness – Simple (100xp)
Weapon Training – Launcher (300xp)
Quick Draw (300xp)
Rapid Reload (300xp)
Veteran Comrade (Little Joe) (400xp)


Total Party kills: 137 Mutant Scum

Joe’s Kills: 21

20 PDF

Joe Biggs

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