Krum Vergian


Name: Krum Vergain
Wounds: 10
Fate: 2
Carry/Lift/Push: 36/72/144
Half/Full/Charge/Run: 4/8/12/24
Insanity Points: 1
Corruption: 0
Class: Medic

Weapon Skill 30
Ballistic Skill 63 (3 regiment)(20 1600xp)
Strength 30
Toughness 38 (3 regiment)
Agility 30
Intelligence 30
Perception 33 (
3 Regiment)
Willpower 33 (+3 Regiment)
Fellowship 30

Agility, Ballistic Skill, toughness
Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Weapon Skill. Willpower

Skills:Survival, Navigate
(Surface), Common Lore (Imperial Guard, War). dodge. Common Lore (Tech), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigate (Stellar), Operate (Aeronautica), and Tech-Use.

Talents: Lasgun Barrage, Weapon training(solid projectile, Las, Melta,Heavy)300 xp) Nerve of steel, Combat Master, Bulging biceps(400), Gunslinger(900), mighty shot(900xp), Rapid Reload(200 XP), Quatermaster love affair (450 xP), Ams Master (400 XP), Quick Draw


Specialist weapons: 2 sawed off (reduced range and weight by 1 quarter, additional 2 damage when fired at short range or closer 10 in close ranger, when firing in point blank every 2 degrees of success you get an addition hit) , 3 frag 5 krak grenades. 1d104

Light Carapace

Ammo: six full reloads, each clip Beauty2,Mutt2

Krum’s Kills: 2

Standard Kit:
One Good Craftsmanship las gun and four charge packs
One vox-caster per Squad
One suit of Good Craftsmanship Imperial Flak armour per Player
Three frag grenades
Two krak grenades
One Good Craftsmanship mono knife per Player Character
One Good Craftsmanship suit of light carapace armour per Player Character
One uniform
One Good Craftsmanship laspistol (Main Weapon), and two charge packs
One rucksack or sling bag
One mess kit and one water canteen
One blanket and one sleep bag
One rechargeable lamp pack
One grooming kit
One set of Rosenkrantz Identifier tags
One primer or instructional handbook
Combat sustenance rations, two weeks’ supply (+2 as well)
One Good Craftsmanship Respirator
One Good Craftsmanship Auxiliary Grenade Launcher


Starting: 600
Party: 4,100
Total: 4,700
Spend: 4,850
Remaining: 0

Las Pistol common Craft
6 lasguns


Krum Vergian

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