Makh Chomun "The Savage"

Master-At-Arms for Lord-Captain Wilhelm Friedrich Johannes von Rosenkrantz


Name: Makh Chomun “The Savage”
Career: Arch-Militant
Dynasty: Rosenkrantz
Homeworld: Oblast (Deathworld)
Birthright: Fringe Survivor
Lure of the Void: Crusade
Trials and Travails: Press Ganged
Motivation: Vengeance
Lineage: N/A

Total XP: 23600
Starting XP: 5000
Party XP: 17400
Personal XP: 0
Spent XP: 21200
Remaining XP: 2400
Rank: 6

Insanity: 15
Corruption: 1
Fate: 4/4
Profit Factor: 59
Wounds: 19/19

Weapon Skill (WS): 48 (38 Base, +5 Simple, +5 Intermediate)
Ballistic Skill (BS): 50 (35 Base, +5 Simple, +5 Intermediate, +5 Trained)
Strength (S): 73 (58 Base, +5 Simple, +5 Intermediate, +5 Trained)
Toughness (T): 50 (45 Base, +5 Simple)
Agility (Ag): 55 (40 Base, +5 Simple, +5 Intermediate, +5 Trained)
Intelligence (Int): 30 (30 Base)
Perception (Per): 30 (30 Base)
Willpower (WP): 33 (33 Base)
Fellowship (Fel): 40 (30 Base, +5 Simple, +5 Intermediate)

Head AP: 7
Body AP: 7
Arms AP: 7
Legs AP: 7

Initiative Bonus: 5
Strength Bonus: 7
Toughness Bonus: 5
Movement: Half: 5 Full: 10 Charge: 15 Run: 30
Carry: 78kg
Lift: 157kg
Push: 315kg

Acrobatics +20
Awareness +10
Command +10
Common Lore (War, Imperial Guard) +10
Dodge +20
Forbidden Lore (Pirates)
Intimidate +20
Language (Low Gothic, Secret Tongue: Military)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader, Military)

Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Thrown Weapon Training (Universal)
Heavy Weapon Training (Autocannon)
Sound Constitution
Paranoid: -10 on interaction in formal surroundings
Survivor: +10 vs pinning and shock
Jaded: Never gain insanity from ordinary horrors
Hatred (Pirates, Orks): +10 WS vs chosen group
Rival (Underworld): -10 interaction with chosen group
Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic, Melee)
Sound Constitution (Rank 2) (x3)
Rapid Reload
Crushing Blow
True Grit
Leap Up
Sound Constitution (Rank 3) (x1)
Furious Assault
Hatred (Pirates)
Hip Shooting
Dual Shot
Battle Rage
Deadeye Shot
Iron Jaw

Weapon Master (Melee): Choose one (and only one!) class of
weapon. The Arch-militant gains a +10% bonus to hit, +2 to
damage, and +2 initiative when using a weapon of his chosen
class in Combat.

Jealous Freedom: WP check to avoid violent reaction to imprisonment

Name Bolt Pistol (x2)
Class Pistol
Range 30m
RoF S/2/-
Dam 1d10+5 X
Pen 4
Clip 8/8
Rld Full
Special Tearing

Name Wrath Plasma Pistol
Class Pistol
Range 40m
RoF S/-/-
Dam 1d10+8 I
Pen 6
Clip 8
Rld 3Full
Special Overheat, Accurate

Name Falchion
Class Melee
Range N/A
RoF //-
Dam 1d5+3 R R
Pen 2
Special Mono Upgrade

Name Pump-Action Shotgun (Melee attachment on shotgun)
Class Basic
Range 30m
RoF S/-/-
Dam 1d10+4 I
Pen 0
Clip 8/8
Rld 2 Full
Special Melee attachment: Melee — 1d10 R 0 Primitive

Name Power Fist (Mezoa)
Class Melee
RoF //-
Dam 2d10+SBx2 E
Pen 9
Special Unwieldy Power Field

Thunder Hammer
Class Melee
RoF //-
Dam 2d10+SBx2 E
Pen 10
Special Unwieldy Power Field Shocking Sanctified

Name Stub Revolver
Class Pistol
Range 30m
RoF S/-/-
Dam 1d10+3 I
Pen 0
Clip 6
Rld Full
Special Reliable

Name Auto-Cannon
Class Heavy
Range 300m
RoF S/3/-
Dam 3d10+8 I
Pen 6
Clip 20
Rld 2 Full
Special Reliable

Pressure Carapace AP 7 Wt. 8 (Best Craftsmanship, +1 AP, half weight)
Blast Goggles
Grapplehawk (pg. 375)


Fringe Survivor: Pit Fighter 200xp
Crusade: Chasing the Enemy 150xp

Skills and Talents :
Ambidextrous 200xp
Awareness 100xp
Quickdraw 200xp
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) 100xp
Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic, Melee) 400xp
Sound Constitution (Rank 2) (x3) 600xp
Dodge (10) 200xp
Rapid Reload 200xp
Intimidate (
10) 200xp
Crushing Blow 500xp
True Grit 200xp
Catfall 200xp
Leap Up 200xp
Sound Constitution (Rank 3) (x3) 600xp
Furious Assualt 500xp
Awareness (10) 200xp
Forbidden Lore (Pirates) 100xp
Common Lore (War) +10 200xp
Dodge (
20) 300xp
Acrobatics (10) 200xp
Rapid Reaction 200xp
Sound Constitution (Rank 4) (x2) 400xp
Frenzy 500xp
Intimidate +20 200xp
Sure Strike 500xp
Hatred (Pirates) 200xp
Common Lore (Imperial Guard) 100xp
Common Lore (Imperial Guard) (
10) 200xp
Acrobatics +200xp
Carouse 200xp
Command 200xp
Command +10 200xp
Hip Shooting 200xp
Dual Shot 500xp
Security 200xp
Battle Rage 500xp
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) +10 200xp
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) +20 300xp
Secret Tongue (Military) +100xp
Deadeye Shot +200xp
Heavy Weapons Training (Autocannon) +200xp
Iron Jaw 500xp
Sharpshooter 500xp
Hatred (Orks) 400xp

BS Advance (Simple) 100xp
WS Advance (Simple) 250xp
AG Advance (Simple) 100xp
WS Advance (Intermediate) 500xp
S Advance (Simple) 100xp
BS Advance (Intermediate) 250xp
S Advance (Intermediate) 250xp
AG Advance (Intermediate) 250xp
Fel Advance (Simple) 250xp
T Advance (Simple) 250xp
BS Advance (Trained) 500xp
S Advance (Trained) 500xp
AG Advance (Trained) 500xp
FEL Advanve (Intermediate) 500xp


Notable NPC’s:
3rd Lt. Gustav ven Dreiger, Cheery and Dapper, says his ancestors were Praetorians, and seems to keep a cheery attitude no matter the situation.

3rd Lt. Perchenko Iyetsev, Calm and Stoic, can drink most if not all under the table, and tends to be the one who reign’s any of Makh’s emotion back into check.

3rd Lt. Joanna Downfield, Prim and Proper, despite her position she always finds time to keep her uniform spotless, and always keeps Makh’s appearances presentable.

Ensign (personal attendant, carries my shit) Joseph Vellow, Nervous and Indecisive, still becoming accustomed to life in service to the Rogue Trader.

Chief Bosun Vorland Killick.

6,000 Armsmen/500 House Guard (Aurorae) 4,500 Armsmen/500 House Guard (currently 405 strong) [500xp Awarded] (Consequence)
Standard Equipment: Triplex Lasguns, Shotguns, Lasguns, Frag Grenades, Laspistols
Armsmen Special Equipment:
Mezoa Pattern Flamers x 250

Oblast Curses:
“Shchlag” – roughly means asshole.

Makh Chomun "The Savage"

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