Enginseer Prime - Dislikes flesh creatures and techno-heretics.


Archeotechnologist Enginseer Prime Explorator (Reliquarist)
Enginseer Prime – Dislikes flesh creatures and techno-heretics.

Name: Neue-Ziel
Class: Explorator
Homeworld: Hesh (Forge World)
Birthright: Savant
Lure of the Void: New Horizons “Archeotechnologist” (250 xp)
Trials and Travails: Dark Voyage
Motivation: Knowledge “Know Thy Foe” (200 xp)
Gender: Male
Build: Fat
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 136 kg
Age: 56
Skin: Dark
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Quirk: One-track mind
Handedness: Right

Insanity Points: 16
Corruption: 0
Fate Points: 2
Profit Factor: 54
Wounds: 13 (base: 11, SC +2)
Movement: 4 8 12 24

Weapon Skill: 50 (Base 45, -5HW, +10 adv)
Ballistic Skill: 30 (Base 30)
Strength: 40 (Base 30, +10 adv)
Toughness: 40 (Base 40, +3HW, -3BR)
Agility: 45 (Base 45)
Intelligence: 76 (Base 45, +5HW, +3BR, +3Lure, +20 adv)
Perception: 30 (Base 30)
Willpower: 35 (Base: 30, +5 adv)
Fellowship: 35 (base 30, +5 advance)

Awareness +10
Chem-Use +20
Common Lore (Machine Cult) +10
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy)
Common Lore (Imperial Creed)
Common Lore (Tech) +10
Dodge +10
Evaluate +10
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) +10
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Forbidden Lore (Xenotech)
Forbidden Lore (Xeno)
Literacy (Int)
Logic (Int)
Navigation (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Archaic) +10
Scholastic Lore (Cryptology) +10
Scholastic Lore (Heraldry) +10
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) +10
Scholastic Lore (legend) +10
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader)
Secret Tongue (Tech)
Speak Language (Explorator Binary)
Speak Language (Low Gothic)
Speak Language (Techna-lingua) (Int)
Tech-Use +20
Trade (Armourer)
Trade (Technomat)
Trade (Archaeologist) +10
Trade (Explorator) +10

Mechanicus Implants

Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Mechadendrite Use (Utility)
Maglev Grace
Logis Implant
Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Peer (Ecclesiarchy)
Peer (Underworld)
Total Recall
Nerves of Steel
Peer (Academic)
Resistance (Fear)
Technical Knock
Maglev Grace
Binary Chatter
Electro Graft Use
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
The Flesh is Weak 4
Maglec Transcendence
Discerning Eye
Infused Knowledge
Master Enginseer

Starting: 5000
Spend: 22,700
Remaining: 100
Total: 22,600

Starting 500-
New Horizons “Archeotechnologist” 250 xp
Knowledge “Know Thy Foe” 200 xp

Rank 1
Trade (Armourer) 100
Autosanguine 200
Intelligence 100
Mechadendrite Use (Utility) 500
Awarness 100
Willpower 250

Rank 2
Awareness +10 200
Dodge 200
Tech-Use +10 200
Prosanguine 200
Maglev Grace 500
Binary Chatter 200
Electro Graft Use 200
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal) 500
ADVANCE TO Reliquarist

Rank 3+
Dodge +10 200
Intelligence 250
Intelligence 500
Intelligence 750
The Flesh is Weak 1 500
Maglec Transcendence 500
Evaluate 100
Evaluate +10 200
Discerning Eye 500
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy) 100
Common Lore (Imperial Creed) 100
Scholastic Lore (Archaic) 100
Scholastic Lore (Cryptology) 100
Scholastic Lore (Heraldry) 100
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) 100
Scholastic Lore (legend) 100
Trade (Archaeologist) 100
Scholastic Lore (Archaic) +10 200
Scholastic Lore (Cryptology) +10 200
Scholastic Lore (Heraldry) +10 200
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) +10 200
Scholastic Lore (legend) +10 100
Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus) 200
Peer (Ecclesiarchy) 300
Peer (Underworld) 300
Total Recall 200
Nerves of Steel 200
The Flesh is Weak 2 500
Toughness 100
Toughness 250
Strength 100
Strength 250
Weapon Skill 250
Weapon Skill 500
The Flesh is Weak 3 500
Infused Knowledge 500
Master Enginseer 500
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) 100
Secret Tongue (Tech) 100
Tech-Use +20 200
Trade (Explorator) 200
Trade (Explorator) +10 200
Chem-Use 200
Chem-Use +10 200
Chem-Use +20 200
Trade (Archaeologist) +10 200
The Flesh is Weak 4 500
Navigation (Surface) 200
Fellowship 500
Sound Constitution 200
Sound Constitution 200
Forbidden Lore (Xeno) advance 400



Hellgun (Good Craftsmanship)
Class: Basic
Damage: 1d10+4 E
Pen: 7
RoF: S/3/–
Magazine: 30
Range: 110m
Reload: 2 Full
Weight: 6 Kg

Carving of an Omnissiah symbol on the handle and on the barrel in Techna-lingua “The Emperor Protects, The Omnissiah Saves.”

Name: Boltgun
Class: Basic
Damage: 1d10+5 X
Pen: 4
RoF: S/2/4
Magazine: 24
Range: 90m
Reload: Full
Special: Reload, Tearing
Weight: 7 Kg

Name: Shotgun
Class: Basic
Damage: 1d10+4 I
Pen: 0
RoF: S/-/-
Magazine: 2
Range: 30m
Reload: Full
Special: Scatter
Weight: 5 Kg

Name: Laspistol
Class: Basic
Damage: 1d10+2 E
Pen: 0
RoF: S/-/-
Magazine: 30
Range: 30m
Reload: Full
Special: Reliable
Weight: 1.5 Kg

Name: Lasgun
Class: Basic
Damage: 1d10+3 E
Pen: 0
RoF: S/3/-
Magazine: 60
Range: 100m
Reload: Full
Special: Reliable
Weight: 4 Kg

Name: Angevin Era Chainsword (Best Craftsmanship)
Class: Melee
Damage: 1d10+2 R
Pen: 2
RoF: -
Magazine: -
Range: -
Reload: -
Special: Tearing, Balanced

Name: Shock staff (Best-Craftsmanship)
Class: Melee
Damage: 1d5+3 L
Pen: 0
RoF: -
Magazine: -
Range: -
Reload: -
Special: Shocking
Other: Housings a port for Servo-Skull to Rest on forming the symbol of the Omnissiah.

Name: Shield Metal Composite paneled Tower
Class: Melee
Damage: 1d5
Pen: 0
RoF: -
Magazine: -
Range: -
Reload: -
Special: Shocking
Weight: 3 Kg

Armor: Pressure Carapace (Best Craftsmanship)
Head AP: 11 (4 tFiW,7 Pressure Carapace)
Body AP: 11 (4 tFiW, 7 Pressure Carapace)
Right Arm AP: 11 (4 tFiW, 7 Pressure Carapace)
Left Arm AP: 11 (4 tFiW, 7 Enforcer light carapace)
Right Leg AP: 11 (4 tFiW, 7 Pressure Carapace)
Left Leg AP: 11 (4 tFiW, 7 Pressure Carapace)

Right arm, Legs: +2 Toughness

“Bait, yours does indeed have a massive fucking shiny Iron Cog on the chest, as well as conveniently-fitted and sealed exit holes for your mechandendrites. You probably made that shit yourself.”

Shock staff (Best-Craftsmanship)2 Kg
Boltgun 7 Kg
dataslate 0.5 Kg
Multikey 0 Kg
Injector (Tranq) 0 Kg
Sacred Unguents 0 Kg
Combi-tool 1 Kg
Servo-Skull familiar
“Passions in Battle” 2 Paperback 0.5 Kg
Pressure Carapace (Best Craftsmanship) 16 Kg

Shield Metal Composite paneled Tower 3 Kg
Autopistol 2.5 Kg
Shotgun 5 Kg
Laspistol x2 1.5 Kg
Lasgun 4 Kg
Shipboard Emergency Kit Common 20 Kg
Screamer 1.5 Kg
Void Suit 8 Kg
Skinplant (Good Craftsmanship)
Bionic Right Arm (Good Craftsmanship)
Vox Implant (Common Craftsmanship)
Cranial Armor Implant (Common Craftsmanship)
Interkeratic Implants (Best craftsmanship) inside a ornate box —
micro-bead (Starting Equipment) 0 kg
Shotgun 5 Kg
Bionic Locomotion (Good Craftsmanship)
Cybernetic Senses Eyes (Good Craftsmanship)
Commonship craftship Plasma Pistol (Ryza)
Cortex Implants (Good Craftsmanship)
Subskin Implants (Common Craftsmanship)
“Passions in Battle” Paperback 0.5 kg
“Passions in Battle” 2 Paperback 0.5 kg
Pressure Carapace (Best Craftsmanship)
Enforcer light carapace 15 Kg
Hellgun (Good Craftsmanship) 6 Kg


Neue-Ziel’s Servo-Skull familiar (Fetch):

Weapon Skill: 15
Ballistic Skill: 15
Strength: 10
Toughness: 20
Agility: 30
Intelligence: 15
Perception: 35
Willpower: 20
Fellowship: —

Awareness (Per ) +10
Concealment (Ag) +10
Dodge (Ag)
Silent Move (Ag) +10
Tech-Use (Int) +20

Slot 1 (bottom): Las Pistol
Slot 2 (left):
Slot 3 (right): Screamer
Slot 4 (internal): Auspex

These devices are used to detect energy emissions, motion, and biological life signs. A character using an auspex gains a +20 bonus to Awareness Tests and may make a Tech-Use Test to spot things not normally detectable to human senses alone, such as invisible gases, nearby bio-signs, or ambient radiation. The standard range for an auspex is 50m, though walls more than 50cm thick and certain shielding materials can block the scanner.

Screamers are proximity alarms that detect motion or sound—
depending on the model—and alert their users to incoming
dangers by making a horrendous noise. To use a screamer,
you must succeed on a Tech-Use Test. The GM rolls this test
in secret so you are not sure of whether or not the device will
work properly. Once set, a screamer has a Perception of 75
for the purposes of detecting sounds or motions. If it detects
an intruder, it sounds its alarm, which can be heard anywhere
out to one kilometre. Doors, walls and other barriers may
reduce the alarm’s range.

Neue-Ziel’s Implants:

Cybernetic Senses – Eyes (Good)
Good cybernetic senses grant the Heightened Senses talent
for that particular sense, and a +20 bonus to Tests made to
resist attacks on the sense itself — such as blinding flashes.
Advanced cybernetic eyes may also incorporate magnifying lenses
(counting as a telescopic sight, see page 134 for more details), a full photo-visor, and/or a system allowing the Dark Sight trait (see page 364).

Bionic Locomotion (Good)
Good versions of these systems grant the owner the Sprint
talent. In addition they add a +20 bonus to Tests made to
jump or leap.

Cortex Implants (Good)
Good cortex implants are unusual even among the Mechanicus,
and their creation is an almost lost art. They grant the trait
Unnatural Intelligence (×2) (see page 368) and in addition perform
all the functions of a cogitator system. However, characters with
this implant gain 1d10 Insanity Points.

Subskin Armor (Common)
This implant adds +2 Armour to
the Arms, Body, and Legs locations. The armour bonus is added
to any other armour for those locations.

Vox Implant (Common)
This implant is a built in micro-bead, often hardwired to a
ship’s vox frequencies.

Cranial Armour (Common)
This augmentation covers or replaces most of the skull with
layers of plasteel and gel padding to better prevent concussion
and other brain injuries. This implant adds +1 Armour—this
bonus stacks with any worn Armour—to the Head location.

Skinplant (Common) – left arm
Skinplants are a more sophisticated version of the electoo—
entire devices can be built just under the skin using crystal
technology provided by the Machine Cult.
Electronic ID system, lamplight, chronos, micro-bead

Calculus Logi Upgrade (Common)
Internal cogitator implants which aid in data retention and
processing. The user can rapidly sift through stacked data-slates and parchments, applying intuition to vast reams of data far beyond the capabilities of a normal man. This implant grants the user a +10 bonus to any Literacy, Logic, or Scholastic Lore Tests.

Mind Impulse Unit (Common)
Basic MIU implant involves a single spinal or cortex connector, while advanced variants
include wrist connector probes—and possibly mechadendrite connectors—in addition to the spinal plug. Common models impose no modifiers to machine spirit communication and add a +10 bonus to Tech-Use, Pilot, or Drive Tests used in conjunction with devices capable of MIU linking.

Utility Mechadendrite (Good)
This two-meter long limb houses a variety of tools and attachments designed to assist a tech-priest in the course of his holy duties. The mechadendrite counts as a combitool,
granting a +10 bonus to all Tech-Use Tests. The limb also houses six injector pistons, each of which may be filled with one dose of sacred unguent. These must be supplied separately. In addition to this, the limb contains an electrically powered censer, which can gust incense
fumes over particularly troublesome faults. The censer generates one “blast” of smoke every
fifteen minutes. This may be employed in melee combat to distract and choke, imposing a –5 penalty to Weapon Skill Tests made by all living creatures within a two metre radius for one Round. This is a Half Action. Unless the censer is deactivated, all Perception Tests made to detect the Tech-Priest that rely on a sense of smell gain a +10 bonus. Finally, the mechadendrite contains a cutting blade. This counts as a knife with the Defensive quality and Mono upgrade. A character must have the appropriate Mechadendrite Use talent to operate this implant.

Bionic Right Arm (Good Craftsmanship)
Common versions of these systems mirror the function of the human arm and hand exactly, retaining strength, dexterity, and sense of touch.
Good bionic arms provide a +10 bonus on Agility Tests
requiring delicate manipulation (such as Sleight of Hand) and
add a +10 bonus to Strength Tests using the arm.

Mechanicus Implants
This is a small port that is grafted into your nervous system. Once you have been properly trained, this will allow you
to interface with machine data ports and certain types of data nets. Electro-grafts can take many forms, such as electoos, skull shunts, finger probes, or spine jacks.
+Electoo Inductors
These are palm-sized metal skin grafts that appear much like tattoos to the uninitiated. The electoos are wired into your nervous system, where they derive power from the bio-electrical emanations of the flesh. They can be used to emit or siphon power in many ways. Electoo inductors can be any colour, and can appear anywhere on the body—though hands or mechadendrites are the usual sites.
+Respirator Unit
This implant involves tubes, wires, vox-grills, or other augmetic parts replacing the lower face and neck. It purifies your air supply, granting a +20% bonus to resist airborne toxins and gas weapons. The respirator unit also contains a vox-synthesiser capable of transmitting your voice in a variety of ways. Respirators can appear as simple grill units or intricate mask-like carvings.
This is a framework of metal, wires, and impulse transmitters that is bolted onto your spine and lower ribcage. As you gain further implants, this mantle acts as a sub-dermal anchorage point. Amongst some servants of the Omnissiah, this cyber-mantle is often referred to as “the true flesh.” One would have to look beneath the red robes of a Tech-Priest to discover what a cyber-mantle looks like, and thus no one admits to having seen one.
+Potentia Coil
Cradled within the cyber-mantle is a power unit known as the potentia coil. This mass can store energy and produce various types of fields. Coils come in many types, from small crystal stack affairs to bulky electrical galvinators salvaged from vehicle engines. Many a hunchback within the Adeptus Mechanicus is blamed upon a primitive coil.
+Cranial Circuitry
This is a series of linked processors, implants, and cortical circuits that augments your mental capacities. Most sit within housing bolted onto the skull, whilst others nestle within the brain itself. As you grow in the seriousness of your devotions, more and more of the brain that deals with useless things such as emotion and intuition can be scooped

Neue-Ziel’s Underlings:
1) Magos Enginarium
Emissary of the Latheic Archmagi, aggregate council of machine-shrine Tech-Priests.

Leader Magos Enginarium: Katherine

Her Personal Assistants:
2 Senior Tech-Priest
4 Tech-priests

Her Servitors:
2x Jovian-pattern Gun Servitor
1x Incendio-class Gun Servitor
4x Lathe-pattern Multitask Servitor
2x Pugnis-class Combat Servitor

Her Assistants:
10 Senior Master Engineers
Each Senior Tech-Priests has 20 Tech Priest Pilgrims
Each priest has Lathe-pattern Multitask Servitor
30 Technomats under each Senior Master Engineers

Overseer of all tech-priests

The machine spirit of a starship is a slow but fickle intelligence,
demanding the veneration and respect of hundreds if it is to
function properly. The Omnissianic Congregator guides the
tech-priests and other crew versed in technoarcane ritual, in
the maintenance rites and algorithmic prayers that appease
spirit of the ship, conferring the blessings of the Omnissiah
upon its operation.

Tech Priest: Kurma

His Servitors:
Lathe-pattern Multitask Servitor
Pugnis-class Combat Servitor

His Assistants:
2 Senior Master Engineers
4 Tech-Priests
20 Tech Priest Pilgrims

The Master of Etherics is responsible for the operation of the
void-ship’s auspex and vox systems. Without auspex a vessel is
blind, and without vox it is deaf and mute; the Master of Etherics
stands at the Lord-Captain’s right hand, such is his worth, and
to fail in his pledge is unthinkable. Dire regions beyond the
Imperium are cloaked with the darkness of the unknown—the
Master of Etherics must marshal his resources to overcome these
hostile voids and light the path ahead with his vision.

Void Master: Olga
Her Assistants:
5 Senior Master Engineers
10 Tech Priest Pilgrims under each Senior Master Engineers
20 Technomats under each Senior Master Engineers

Pugnis-class Combat Servitor
Lathe-pattern Multitask Servitor
2 Clipaeus-class Combat Servitor (Stays on the Ship only)

5) Data-Slate
“Passions in Battle”
“Prayers to the Omnissiah”
“How to talk to Flesh Human: A techpriest’s guide”



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