Subject: Alias Spacehulk

Known areas of operation: Koronus Expanse; Footfall, Iniquity, various Reaver strongholds.

Modus Operandi: The infamous ring master and slaver is known only by his alias. No information on origin can be traced before the events at the “Mutinous Circus”. While obscured by both lies and rumors, what is certain of these events is that they found Spacehulk in the good graces of a chaos reaver captain after leading a mutiny onboard the naval watch station the reaver was attempting to raid.

Details of the treachery vary from account to account, with every voidsman in the Expanse furnishing the tale with their own creativity or exaggeration. What is certain, is that Spacehulk soon found himself as the reaver captain’s foremost manhunter.

His origins as a ring master can be traced to the capture of an imperial merchant vessel in which Spacehulk permitted the surrendered ship’s company to be spared, through a horrifying series of brawls to the death against one another. The notoriety he gained as a result of this spectacle propelled him to a position in which he was able to leave the service of his reaper captain and take command of the captured vessel.

The rest, is mostly known to voidsmen who have operated in the Koronus Expanse for long enough. Spacehulk has dedicated himself to the slavery business, raiding any vulnerable target for its living cargo, and forging through blood the finest spectacle fighters in the Expanse.

Even where Spacehulk himself is not known to populations, his ‘champions’ are. Kalarrak the Gore-drinker, Vermin Claw, Paleface the Ghoul, The Savage, and Rewk Warpeye, are names of those who have brutally defeated uncounted challengers, and in so-doing have drawn in vast audiences at every location their Ring Master brings them to fight.

Notes: Not long after the Rosenkrantz Warrant anointed Lord Wilhelm as head of the Dynasty, Spacehulk was marked for death by the Rogue Trader, wherever he may be operating.


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