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Welcome to the Campaign Wiki.

You will find information here regarding important items, events, locations, and characters as the campaign progresses. This is meant to help you (and me) keep track of things as we move along.

Origin Path

Because I can’t be bothered to actually put all this information on here myself, I have linked to the work of the better-prepared GM to another RT campaign

Starship Combat

Another instance of GM laziness on behalf of yours truly. Better-prepared GM’s (or those who care more about their players than I do) have all sorts of valuable information. In this instance, Lonewalker does the all-too-useful heavy lifting for us, so that I don’t have to. Thanks, buddy!


Serving a Rogue Trader Dynasty means there are motherfucking shitloads of items and gear accessible to you. For this reason, we will only talk about items important to the campaign here. From relics to vessels, to your beloved personal gear, we’ll include it all here. For quantities of shit we can’t conceive of, represent it using Battlefleet Koronus terms.


While I may just resort to creating character pages for important NPC’s, I may actually throw in lesser or more distant characters here.


There will be things that will have to inevitable be placed on a misc. section. I may get more descriptive here once I know what’ll be thrown in this category.


Important places visited by the Dynasty, and other important locales you ought to know about.

Minigames and Time-killers

For when the story can’t quite continue, but we want to have some ridiculous no-consequences fun with your characters in the cross-platform universe of both our Warhammer 40k Campaigns

Main Page

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