Baine Mort

Master of Ordnance


Name: Baine Mort
Age: 45
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Tan
Left Handed
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 200 pounds
Build: Muscular
Quirk: Space Fishing
Career: Void Master – Mastery of Ordinance (The Void-master can re-roll all failed
Tests with Shooting Actions (see page 215) aboard a starship.)
Dynasty: Rosenkrantz

Homeworld: BattleFleet
Characteristic Modifiers: +5 Willpower; +3 Fellowship; –5 Perception
Starting Skills: Battlefleet characters begin with Common Lore (Imperial Navy) (Int), and Speak Language (Battlefleet War Cant) (Int) as Trained Skills.
Officer on Deck: Battlefleet characters are generally officers, and as such they are used to giving orders and having those orders obeyed. All Battlefleet characters gain a +5 bonus to all Command Tests while aboard any spacecraft.
Void-Born Ancestry: Members of the battlefleets are closely-related to the Void Born, and their service provides
opportunities to hone a Void Born’s innate abilities. A Battlefleet Character may choose Navigation (Stellar) or Pilot (Space Craft) as a Trained Skill. They also gain Void Accustomed (see ROGUE TRADER, page 19).

Void Accustomed- Due to their strange and unnatural childhood, the void born are used to the vagaries of changing gravity. They are immune to space travel sickness. In addition, zero- or low-gravity environments are not considered Difficult Terrain for void born characters

Ship-Bound Fighter: Living and training on a spacecraft is vastly different than living and training on the ground. Because of the close-in nature of ships, Battlefleet characters are unaccustomed to fighting in open spaces or on the “dirtside” of planets. While they are on a planet they suffer a –2 penalty to Initiative Tests and double the Ballistic Skill penalty for firing weapons at Long Range or greater. These penalties don’t apply to the character if they are inside a tunnel or other confined space.

Starting Wounds: Battlefleet characters double their starting Toughness Bonus and add 1d5 to the result to determine their starting number of Wounds.

Starting Fate Points: Roll 1d10 to determine a battlefleet character’s starting Fate Points. On a 1–6, he begins with 3

Fate Points; on a 7–10, he begins with 4 Fate Points.

Birthright: Stubjack
Effect: You gain the Quick Draw Talent and gain Intimidate as a trained Basic Skill. You gain a bonus of +5 to your choice of Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill, but you suffer both –5 Fellowship and 1d5 Insanity Points

Lure of the Void: Duty Bound – Duty to your Dynasty
You gain the Rival (Rogue Trader family) Talent and suffer –3 Toughness. You gain a bonus of +1 to your group’s beginning Profit Factor.

Trials and Travails: Ship-Lorn
Against All Odds: You gain the Survival Skill (or increase it by one level if you already possess it) or the Dark Soul Talent. Additionally, whenever you spend a Fate Point to recover Wounds (see page 233), you may re-roll the dice if you wish but must accept the second result even if it is worse. Ill-starred: Reduce your starting number of Fate Points permanently by –1. Additionally, you suffer –5 on Fellowship Tests when interacting with the void born, Rogue Traders, and other voidfarers who are not personal friends,

Motivation: Fortune
Effect: +1 Fate Point.

Wounds: 0/21
Fate Points: 4/4
Corruption Points: 0
Insanity Points: 1
Disorders: 0
Malignancies: 0
Profit Factor: 53
Movement: 5/10/15/30
Initiative Bonus: 5
Strength Bonus: 4
Toughness Bonus: 4
Carry/Lift/Push Capacity: 56 kg 112 kg 225 kg

Weapon Skill (WS): 45 (Base 35 +5 Simple +5 Intermediate)
Ballistic Skill (BS): 70 (Base 50 +5 Simple +5 Intermediate +5 Trained +5 Expert)
Strength (S): 50 (Base 35 +5 Simple +5 Intermediate +5 Trained)
Toughness (T): 42 (Base 32 +5 Simple +5 Intermediate)
Agility (Ag): 50 (Base 35 +5 Simple +5 Intermediate +5 Trained)
Intelligence (Int): 30 (Base 30)
Perception (Per): 50 (Base 35 +5 Simple +5 Intermediate +5 Trained)
Willpower (WP): 50 (Base 40 +5 Simple +5 Intermediate)
Fellowship (Fel): 38 (Base 33 +5 Simple)

Rank: 6

Awareness +20
Command +10
Dodge +20,
Common Lore (Imperial Navy) +10
Common Lore (War) +10
Common Lore (Koronus Expanse)
Navigate (Stellar)- 1 minute for simple location; 1d5 hours for plotting courses or routes
Operate (Voidship)
Scholastic Lore (Asttomancy +10, Tactica Imperialis)
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader),
Forbidden Lores (Xenos)
Speak Language (Battlefleet War Cant (Int), Low Gothic)
Trade (Armourer)(Ag.)- Used to Design, Upgrade and forge weapons from personal arms to starship batteries.
Pilot (Space Craft) +20, (Personal) +10.

Rival (Rouge Trader Family)
Dark Soul- Whenever he makes a Malignancy Test, he takes half the normal penalty.
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Basic Weapons Training (Universal)
Nerves of Steel- Re-roll failed tests to avoid pinning
Sound Consitution (x9)
Rapid Reload
Quick Draw- Ready as a Free Action.
Bulging Biceps
Heavy Weapons Training (Bolt)
Resistance (Fear)
Hotshot Pilot
Hip Shooting
Heightened Senses (Smell)
Peer (Imperial Navy)
Bling Fighting
Crack Shot
Hatred (Orks) +10 WS
True Grit


Starting Equipment:
Best-Craftmanship Mono-Sword 3 kg
Re-breather 1 kg
Pict-Recorder 1kg
Guard Flak Armour 11 kg
Imperial Navy uniform
Common-Craftsmanship Bolt Pistol 3.5 kg
Blessed Ship Token

Common-Craftmanship Chainsword 6 kg
Shotgun 5 kg
Shotgun ammo packs x3 0 kg
Shotgun carrying case 3 kg
Good-Craftsmandhip Laspistol 3.5 kg
Recoil Gloves 0.5 kg
Lasgun 4 kg
Common-Craftmanship Cameleoline Cloak 0.5 kg
Good-Craftsmanship Plasma Pistol 4kg
Best Craftsmanship Pressure Carapace 16 kg

Equipped Items:
Common-Craftmanship Power Sword 3 kg
Common-Craftsmanship Bolt Pistol 3.5 kg
Lagun 5 kg
Blessed Ship Token
Best Craftsmanship Pressure Carapace 16 kg
Good Craftsmanship Cameleoline Cloak 0.5 kg
Pict-Recorder 1kg
Recoil Gloves 0.5 kg
Frags 3
Krak 3
Reloads- Lasgun: 3
Reloads- Bolt Pistol: 3
Clip Harness with grapnel hook
Photo-Visor: 0.5 kg

Total Weight: 30 kg

Pleb Carrying:
Heavy Bolter
Las Pistol
3 Reloads for Bolter and Shotgun
Ammo for Dragon Fire, Kraken Bolts, and Vengeance Round


Guard Flak Armour:
Locations/Covered- All
AP- 4
Wt- 11kg
Availability- Scarce
Head AP: 4
Body AP: 4
Right Arm AP: 4
Left Arm AP: 4
Right Leg AP: 4
Left Leg AP: 4
Wt- 8kg
Availability- Plentiful
Imperial Navy Uniform
Best Craftsmanship Pressure Carapace:
Locations/Covered- Full
AP- 6
Wt- 16kg

Weapon Stats:

Best-Craftmanship Mono-Sword:
Class- Melee
Dmg- 1d10 R
Pen- 2
Special- Balanced, Primitive
Wt- 3 kg
Common-Craftsmanship Bolt Pistol
Class- Pistol
Range- 30m
RoF- S/2/–
Dmg- 1d10+5 X
Pen- 4
Clip- 8
Rld- Full
Special- Tearing
Wt- 3.5 kg
Class- Basic
Range- 30m
RoF- S/–/–
Dmg- 1d10+4 I
Pen- 2
Rld- Full
Special- Scatter
Wt- 5 kg
Good-Craftsmanship Laspistol
Class- Pistol
Range- 30m
RoF- S/–/–
Dmg- 1d10+2 E
Pen- 0
Clip- 30
Rld- Full
Special- Reliable
Wt- 3.5 kg
Class- Basic
Range- 100m
RoF- S/3/–
Dmg- 1d10+3 E
Pen- 0
Clip- 60
Rld- Full
Special- Reliable
Wt- 4 kg
Common-Craftmanship Chainsword
Class- Melee
Dmg- 1d10+2 R
Pen- 2
Special- Tearing, Balanced
Wt- 6 kg
Common-Craftmanship Power Sword
Class- Melee
Dmg- 1d10+5 E
Pen- 5
Special- Power Field, Balance
Wt- 3 kg
Good-Craftsmanship Plasma Pistol
Class- Pisol
Range- 30m
RoF- S/2/–
Dmg- 1d10+6 E
Pen- 6
Clip- 10
Rld- 3 Full
Special- Overheat
Wt- 4 kg

Weapon Modifications:
Lasgun- Red-Dot Laser Sight

2 Las Pistols with a total of 2 Charge packs

Ballistic Skill Simple Adv. (100 xp)
Ballistic Skill Intermediate Adv. (250 xp)
Ballistic Skill Trained Adv. (500 xp)
Ballistic Skill Expert Adv. (750xp)
Willpower Simple Adv. (100 xp)
Willpower Intermediate Adv. (250 xp)
Agility Simple Adv. (100 xp)
Agility Intermediate Adv. (250 xp)
Dodge (100 xp)
Sound Constitution (200 xp)
Toughness Simple Adv. (250 xp)
Toughness Intermediate Adv. (500 xp)
Scrutiny (100 xp)
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) (100 xp)
Pilot (Space Craft) (100 xp)
Awareness (100 xp)
Dodge +10 (200 xp)
Weapon Skill Simple Adv. (250 xp)
Perception Simple Adv. (250 xp)
Strength Simple Adv. (100 xp)
Pilot (Space Craft) +10 (200 xp)
Takedown (200 xp)
Basic Weapons Training (500 xp)
Common Lore (Koronus Expanse)
Rapid Reload (200 xp)
Sound Constitution (200 xp)
Hardy (200 xp)
Perception Intermediate (500 xp)
Strength Intermediate (500 xp)
Pilot Personal (200 xp)
Agility Trained (500 xp)
Awareness +10 (200 xp)
Bulging Biceps (200 xp)
Pilot (Space Craft) +20 (200 xp)
Dodge +20 (200 xp)
Resistant (Fear) (200 xp)
Sound Constitution (200 xp)
Heavy Weapons Training (Bolt) (500 xp)
Sound constitution x4 (800 xp)
Trade (Armourer) (200 xp)
Person Pilot +10 (200 xp)
Hotshot Pilot (500 xp)
Weapon Skill Intermediate Adv. (500 xp)
Hardy (200 xp)
Survival (200 xp)
Hip Shooting (500 xp)
Marksman (200 xp)
Awareness +20 (200 xp)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) +10 (200 xp)
Common Lore (War) +10 (200 xp)
Perception Trained Adv. (750 xp)
Common Lore (Imperial Navy) +10 (200 xp)
Heightened Senses (Smell) (200 xp)
Sound Constitution (200 xp)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) (200 xp)
Peer (Imperial Navy) (200 xp)
Sound Constitution (200 xp)
Sound Constitution (200 xp)
Bling Fighting (200 xp)
Strength Trained (750 xp)
Crack Shot (500 xp)
Command (200 xp)
Command +10 (200 xp)
Hatred (Orks) (400xp)
True Grit (200xp)
Fellowship Simple Adv. (500xp)

Shotgun 5 kg
Shotgun ammo packs x3 0 kg
Shotgun carrying case 3 kg
Magboots 2 kg
Flak Armor Vest
Common-Craftmanship Chainsword6 kg
Void-Suit8 kg
Red-Dot Laser Sight .5kg
Hot-Shot Charge Pack
Long-las 4.5kg
5 Amasec
Shotgun (Presecutor)
Good Craftsmanship Cameleoline Cloak
Good Craftsmanship Jump Pack
Best Craftsmanship Heavy Bolter
Best-Craftsmanship Hellpistol
Motion Predictor
Dragon Fire Round- Gains Blast (2) Quality, Reduces Damage by 1. Enemies caught in blast must roll agility or be caught on fire
Kraken Bolts- Increase Pen by (4) Reduces Damage by 1.
Vengeance Round- Increase Damage and Pen by 3, Gun Received Overheats and Unstable Quality
Photo Visor

Red-Tailed Fox

XP Chart:
Starting xp: 5000
Party: 7600
Objective: 0
Secondary Objective: 0
Total: 23200
Spent: 23100
Remaining: 100

Squad Info:

Talents Info:


Footfall Kills:


+5 to Command aboard ships
–2 penalty to Initiative Tests and double the Ballistic Skill penalty for firing weapons at Long Range or greater
–5 on Fellowship Tests when interacting with the void born, Rogue Traders, and other voidfarers who are not personal friends, if they have heard of your background and reputation.
Void Accustomed

the people argue

stare menially

Balance: Some weapons, such as swords and knives, are designed so
that the weight of the hilt balances the weight of the blade,
making the weapon easier to wield. Balanced weapons grant
a +10 bonus to Weapon Skill Tests made to Parry.

Reliable: Based on tried and true technology, Reliable weapons
seldom fail. If a Reliable weapon Jams, roll 1d10 and
only on a roll of 10 has it in fact Jammed, otherwise
it just misses as normal.

Tearing: Tearing weapons are vicious devices, often using multitudes
of fast-moving jagged teeth to rip into flesh and bone. These
weapons roll one extra die for damage, and the lowest result
is discarded.

Power Field: A field of power wreathes weapons with this quality, increasing
their Damage and Penetration. Such modifiers are already
included in the weapon’s profile. When you successfully use
this weapon to Parry an attack made with a weapon that
lacks this quality, you have a 75% chance of destroying your
attacker’s weapon. Weapons with the Warp Weapon Quality
and Natural Weapons are immune to this effect

Scatter: The standard ammunition of these weapons spreads out when
fired, hitting more of the target. If fired at a foe within Point
Blank range, each two degrees of success the firer scores
indicates another hit (use Table 9-5: Multiple Hits on page
239 ). However, at longer ranges this spread of small projectiles
reduces its effectiveness. All Armour Points are doubled against
hits from scatter weapons at Long or Extreme Range.


Gender: Male
Build: Muscular
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 200 pounds
Age: 45
Skin: Tan
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Quirk: Space Fishing
Handedness: Left

Born and Served in the Battlefleet for several years, eventually left at the age of 30 and became a mercenary for awhile. During his time as a mercenary, the ship he was on was attacked and destroyed by a pirate raiding fleet. Luckily he was able to escape the ship and avoid the pirates for weeks. He was able to make it out of the system finally when a passing by ship picked spotted his escape craft. On board the ship he meets with a member of the Rosenkrantz Dynasty. This person offered him a huge sum of money, Baine wanting to get out of the hell hole he was in after the loss of the ship and wanting the money took the offer, becoming apart of the Dynasty and eventually over time, he became very loyal to it during the of events during the civil war between Wilhelm and his predecessor. Despite everything, Baine still seeks fortune and he hopes to influence the Dynasty’s decisions to focus on the accumulation of wealth.

Baine Mort

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