Varenus Grandier


Name: Varenus_Grandier
Height: 6 foot

Birthright: Savant Spendable xp:700

Homeworld: Noble Born
(Characteristic Modifiers: –5 Willpower, +5 Fellowship

Starting Skills: Noble born characters begin play with Literacy (Int), Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int), and Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int) as untrained Basic Skills.
Etiquette: Nobles are schooled in how to comport themselves in all manner of formal situations. They gain a +10 bonus on Interaction Skill Tests when dealing with high authority and in formal situations.

Legacy of Wealth: To be born an Imperial noble is to inherit a legacy of staggering wealth. Even a scorned scion enjoys access to resources beyond the wildest dreams of the toiling masses. This adds +1 to the group’s starting Profit Factor.
Supremely Connected: Nobles have extensive connections, and they know that dropping the “right” names into a conversation can open more doors than a fistful of Thrones. A starting noble born character begins play with the Peer (Nobility) Talent. Also, to reflect his family’s powerbase, he also gains one additional Peer from the following list: Academics, Adeptus Mechanicus, Administratum, Astropaths, Ecclesiarchy, Government, Mercantile, Military, or Underworld.

Vendetta: Every noble house has its sworn enemies and rivals who would do it and its members harm. Even the protection of a Rogue Trader’s mission merely forces those who wish you harm to be a bit more cautious and subtle in exacting their vengeance. As a result, starting noble born characters have powerful enemies, perhaps in the shape of a rival noble house or some other powerful group. The details of these enemies are left to the player and the Game Master to define, working together to create a formidable threat. Whilst they do not dog the character’s steps at every turn, these enemies aim to inconvenience, harm, or kill him whenever he crosses their path. The noble character, of course, is free to return the favour when it’s expedient to do so.)

Lure of The Void: Chosen by destiny (Seeker of Truth)
Fated for Greatness: You gain 1 Fate Point, but you also suffer 1d101 Insanity Points.

Trials an’ Shit: Dark Voyage:
Things Man Was Not Meant to Know: You may gain a single Forbidden Lore Skill pertaining to your experiences (or may increase a Forbidden Lore Skill you already possesses by one level), or may gain the Resistance (Fear) Talent.

Marked by Darkness: Haunted by your experiences, you gain 1d5 Insanity Points.

Motivation: Knowledge(Knowledge is life, life is knowledge)
Effects: Gain any two Scholastic Lore Skills as trained Skills, and the Total Recall Talent. You may purchase a third Scholastic Lore as a trained Skill for an additional 200xp.

Career: Navigator
Rank 1

Focus: The warp eye is the core of a Navigator’s being and his oldest and most potent tool. Once per game session he may force a single opponent to re-roll a successful test when testing to resist the effects of The Lidless Stare Navigator Power.

Pure Genes: The Navigators of a Magisterial House are less likely to mutate due to their pure genes. Whenever they must test for mutation (see page 182) the test is considered Routine (20) rather than Ordinary (10).

Exalted Lineage: The blood of the most ancient and powerful navigator houses gifts their scions with a position of prestige amongst the nobility of the Imperium. The Navigator may call upon this lineage in social situations and gains a +10 bonus to any Interaction Skill Test when dealing with members of the Imperial nobility.

Initial Mutation: Navigators from a Magisterial House begin play with a single Navigator Mutation chosen from the following options: Strangely Jointed Limbs, Elongated Form, Pale and Hairless Flesh, Eyes as Dark as the Void. They may develop additional mutations as normal when they acquire new Navigator Powers or increase their mastery of existing powers.


Weapon skill:30
ballistic skill:40
toughness:32(35 base, -3 from birthright)
Perception:60 (45 base+15 trained)
willpower:47(40 base, -5 nobleborn,-3 from lure of the void,+15 trained)
Intelligence:53(45 base, +3 birthright, +10 intermediate)
fellowship:43(38 base, +5 nobleborn),

Wounds:12 Fate:4 Insanity: 6 Corruption: 0 Profit Factor: 45

Encumberance: Lift (36kg) Carry (18kg) Push (72kg)

Talents and Traits
Peer(nobility, academic,Mercantile)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal).
Sounds constitution
Hard Bargain

Common Lore (Navis Nobilite) (Int), Forbidden Lore (Navigators, Warp) (Int), Literacy (Int), Navigation (Stellar, Warp) (Int), Psyniscience (Per), Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) (Int), Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int), Intimidate, Awareness,dodge, secret language(Navigator, Rogue trader)

Powers: Lidless stare,Tides of Time and space

Mutations:Eyes as black as the void(Dark sight)

Best craftmanship metal staff
Emperors tarot cards
Silk headscarf
Nobility robes
Carapace armour

Best-craftmanship hellpistol

Intelligence test on length of voyage(Navigate warp)
Awareness for locating Astronomican
Perception test to chart course(+10)
Intelligence test for steering vessale(Navigate warp) (9’s fail)
Hard perception test for exiting warp

The Eye is Open: A Navigator is a living window into the warp, a fact mercifully mitigated for his own soul’s and sanity’s sake by the effects of the Navigator Gene that allows him to perceive the warp’s mind-blasting truth in a unique way that allows his human mind to deal with it. As a result he does not suffer Corruption Points from Warp Shock (see page 299), although he can acquire Corruption Points normally by other means.

Total EXP: 9350
Spent: 1500


Varenus Grandier

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